the 'Munny'

A form made popular by 'Dan Coyle' the Munny is a popular fun shape for a rig.
Features a two hole stem, hollow feet, 14mm DI, custom dabber, and range between 5-6".

Pendant Rig

As vaporizing becomes more accessible and more socially acceptable, using rigs on the go has become easier then ever.
Features a large 8mm wide bale, 2 hole downstem, 14mm DI, and the disk ranges between 2-2.5" in diameter.

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With 2 years experience and growing, I offer production and custom glass designs.


For 5 years I have helped educate and teach young smokers how to medicate safely and properly.


A strong face at any major Cannabis rally in Toronto, and working closely with the big players keeps me involved in the community. 


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A popular form of oil rig, the recycler, recycles the water, allowing for minimum surface area for the vapor. The water swirls down the stem, while the vapor travels smoothly to the mouthpiece.

Features a 3 hole upward inline, 4 color sections, 14mm DI , and range between 6-7" total.


An incylcler functions much the same as the standard recycler, however the design is much more compact. The water drains down through the center never exiting the main chambers of the piece.

This design has become very popular after I refined my design on it.


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Mini tubes are 'mini bongs' reall, with direct inject stems and 14mm joints, and a 2 hole fixed down stem. These mini tubes range from 5.5-8" tall and can have worked sections through out. A popular daily driver.

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